Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pampering Party!

I wanted to drop in tonight and tell you all about the pampering party I went to this afternoon. NO - it wasn't a Pampers party, but a pampering party!

Our school made AYP (adequate yearly progress) again this year, so our wonderful principal, Todd Deariso, held a pampering party for us today. My fellow third-grade teachers and I gathered at our high school this afternoon, and come to find out, Todd had arranged for the cosmotology teacher at the high school to have her students there...we all received pedicures, facials, and manicures. It was the greatest! We found out that Todd has been planning this get-together since May. It was a wonderful surprise and was very relaxing. We begin our pre-planning a week from tomorrow (August 1) so it was a nice way to get together and visit with my fellow teachers before school starts back. The fourth and fifth-grade teams will participate later in the week.

We are going to have a hectic pre-planning this year. First of all, we only have three days. On Wednesday (Aug. 1), we have our system-wide meeting, which could take anywhere from 1-3 hours. On Thursday (Aug. 2), we have an all-day staff development training, then on Friday (Aug. 3) we have Open House in the afternoon. This leaves us with, out of approximately 24 paid hours (3 working days) we have about 8 hours to get our rooms ready and plan for the first week. This is no easy task! We have tile floors and they are waxed every summer, and the custodial staff piles our furniture back in our rooms. So, we end up moving all of our furniture around. Then you have to decorate and get your beginning of the year stuff ready, and then plan your lessons for the first week, which is not easy since you don't really know your students. The kids will be coming back on a Monday this year, for the last several years they've come on a Friday.

I digress! Todd baked brownies, made dips and fixed other goodies for us. He made a white AND a red sangria...I had a glass of the red and it was fabulous. We also had a Pampered Chef representative, a Mary Kay rep, and a Partylite rep on hand to show us all kinds of goodies.

It was a wonderful afternoon and we truly do have the best school in our system! All the other schools will be sooooo jealous when they find out what our boss did for us!


Sophia's Mama said...

WOW! Todd sounds awesome! It sounds like a fabulous day.


NorasMommy said...


I just love your enthusiasm for teaching. It's so obvious that you love what you do. Wish I could send Nora down there to be in your class!


P.S. Any Mixers/puppy sightings?