Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Catching Up...

I've been a very, VERY bad blogger. I apologize to everyone about that! I just seem to stay so busy these days.

Kaelie is growing by leaps and bounds! On February 16, she had her first well-baby checkup, where she weighed in at 19.75 pounds and was 29.5 inches long. She received three vaccinations on this visit, and will recieve another round in three months at her 15-month check-up. Our pediatrician agreed to keep Kaelie on formula unti she is 15 months old.

Kaelie visited Babies Can't Wait on February 17 for a developmental evaluation. There are some things that she is simply not ready to do yet. However, she is catching up quickly! We will know next week if she is going to receive any services to help her reach her developmental milestones. She's not too far behind, just enough to make this mama hen worried! Kaelie is coming a long way with her eating and feeding issues...she ate a biter biscuit for her afternoon snack. We are also practicing with a Nuby beginning sippy cup.

Kaelie had a birthday! She was the "Big One!" on February 13. We had a celebratory weekend. On Friday night, we had dinner at Logan's...Jeremy picked the place to celebrate his fantastic progress report...which followed Shelby's mid-term progress report of ALL A's, which Shelby hasn't pulled off in a very long time. Then, on Sunday afternoon, the boys and I went over to my grandmother's for a mini-birthday party. Cake and ice cream was enjoyed by all, and Kaelie received a Fisher Price learning puppy from us, a stuffed animal from Lisa and the girls, and a teddy bear from Nana. Unfortunately, the photos from this joyous occasion were lost due to two young men fiddling with the camera!

Kaelie has had the opportunity to meet new friends and family over the past week! My Uncle Ken and Aunt Marilee came from South Carolina for a visit, and let me tell you that they made a mess out of Kaelie! I had the chance to show Aunt Marilee a bunch of my China pictures. She crocheted the cutest little baby soccer ball for my sweetie and they also bought Kaelie her first Nursery Rhyme book which comes with a CD.

Kaelie and I met our friends Kim and Lia at the Golden Sun for lunch Tuesday afternoon. Sweet Lia finally warmed up and showed me some AWESOME ballet moves! We are going to Albany this Saturday to meet and have a playdate with Kim and Jen and their families on Saturday. I'm looking forward to meeting Emily and Jay and their little one who was also adopted recently from China.

Kaelie had a great first day at the nursery today! I was so was so hard to leave her. I cried all the way home and then called the nursery mid-morning to check up on her. I think she had a great first day. Poor thing was tuckered out and went right to sleep tonight!

OK, a few pictures and I'll try to go through and add a few more later!

Playful Kaelie can pull herself up on this walker toy, but only if it is propped against the wall. She doesn't have enough balance to walk behind it yet, but it won't be long. This is from Fisher-Price. It's a cute walker that plays ABC's and music, and has some shapes and other objects to put in the basket.

Kaelie and Ma-Ma-Ma. I love the expression on Kaelie's face...SO photogenic! My grandmother is thrilled to have another great-grand to brag about!

Daddy's Girl!

Who is this mountain man?! Uncle Ken of course!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ear Advice

Hi All ~

I guess I've been putting off the inevitable by not visiting the doctor, but I was hoping to save myself a trip and give this ear stuff I've had a chance to fix itself. That's not happened, so maybe you can offer a tip or two to get me through the weekend. Here's the whole story:

I got sick with a chest cold two days before Kaelie and I came home. On our second flight of the day -descending into Detroit - I experienced horrible ear pain and I had a hard time clearing my ear but I finally did and it was fine. Then, when we landed in Jacksonville, I had horrific pain and lightheadedness, and I couldn't really hear anything at all. I felt like my whole head was going to explode. I've not flown alot, but only on one other trip have I experienced something like this (and that was 10 years ago!).

Here I am a week later, and I'm getting more uncomfortable by the day. I'm taking a decongestant but it isn't really doing anything for the ears. I can feel the fluid moving behind my eardrums. Now I have a strange sensation when I even move my eyes, like the rest of my head is lagging behind. Also, I have some pressure in the roof of my mouth.

I would feel great if I could just get over this! Please send your best advice!