Thursday, November 22, 2007

Starfish Foster Home

Starfish Foster Home is a foster home in Xi'an devoted to caring for a few of the many special-needs children in China. A cyber-friend recently volunteered in this home, and a few more cyber-buddies and I decided to make a donation to Amanda and the staff here. Below are the times that we collected to send to China:

Photo 1: Medicines - Gripe Water (to help with stomach irritations), Mucinex, Motrin, teething tablets

Photo 2: Nursing Needs - Playtex bottle, liners, and nipples

Photo 3: Clothing - sleepers

Photo 4: Clothing - winter daywear
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Photo 5: Clothing - sleeper, long-sleeved one-piece outfits, shorts outfit for summer

Photo 6: two blankets, two sleepers

Photo 7: Clothing - summer outfits, pajamas

Photo 8: Sleepers, medicines
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I will be FedEx'ing the box tomorrow, it should take about a week to get there!
You can read about Amanda's work and the Starfish Children's Home here:
Special Thanks to my friends who participated in this project:
Lori, Melissa, Stephe, Susan, and Cheryl