Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ear Advice

Hi All ~

I guess I've been putting off the inevitable by not visiting the doctor, but I was hoping to save myself a trip and give this ear stuff I've had a chance to fix itself. That's not happened, so maybe you can offer a tip or two to get me through the weekend. Here's the whole story:

I got sick with a chest cold two days before Kaelie and I came home. On our second flight of the day -descending into Detroit - I experienced horrible ear pain and I had a hard time clearing my ear but I finally did and it was fine. Then, when we landed in Jacksonville, I had horrific pain and lightheadedness, and I couldn't really hear anything at all. I felt like my whole head was going to explode. I've not flown alot, but only on one other trip have I experienced something like this (and that was 10 years ago!).

Here I am a week later, and I'm getting more uncomfortable by the day. I'm taking a decongestant but it isn't really doing anything for the ears. I can feel the fluid moving behind my eardrums. Now I have a strange sensation when I even move my eyes, like the rest of my head is lagging behind. Also, I have some pressure in the roof of my mouth.

I would feel great if I could just get over this! Please send your best advice!


Sharon said...

Karen: No advice, but you definitely need to see the doctor on Monday.

Love the previous posts and photos. Sounds like you have settled right into routines and that Kaelie is doing fabulous. I always love the messy food photos!! Classic.

Can't wait to meet her in person. Hang in there and hope the ears get better soon. It sounds awful.


MeiLi's Adoption Journey said...

Go to the doctor!


Kristi said...

You're going to need an antibiotic to get better. If you have a lot of congestion and fly, this is what happens... your ears get affected in this way. It is painful but once you get the antibiotic you'll feel much better in a couple of days.

Kim said...

I am so sorry that you are feeling so rotten. To the doctor for you!

Lori said...


I had this happen twice to me once from sneezing & 2nd from an airline flight, I lost my hearing and it is painful, so take my advice, GET TO an ENT or Otolaryngologist TOMORROW. There are things that could of happened. Both times I had to have surgery to repair a fisula behind the ear drum and remove scar tissue. (It was going to happend to me eventually), the first time my hearing came back because my DR didn't want to wait for it to heal itself, the 2nd the DR wanted to wait and I lost my hearing in that ear.

There is so much unknown about the ears, yours is probably something very simple, even could be TMJ. (Mine was considered a very rare case). I also got vertigo from this as well.

To help with the pain, put warm washclothes on your ears..

Please take care...

Stephe said...

Girl, GO TO THAT DOCTOR!!! Ear pain sucks and I don't think anything OTC will do. Run, don't walk. You hubby and kids need you well!!! Stephe

prechrswife said...

I will add to the chorus--go to the doctor! Hope you are feeling better soon.

hiltonsheadeast said...

Oh, Karen ...please tell me you've seen a doctor and you are okay.


Kathy said...


Ihope that you have been to the Dr. Let us know how you are doing. Feel better.

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