Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July Referrals

Strong rumors (see Rumor Queen) suggest that the CCAA has mailed referrals for families who were logged in through November 14, 2005. This would be a 7-day referral batch.

We are half-way through with 2007, and the CCAA has referred about 65 days worth of LID's.

The January batch began with LID's on 9 September, and here we are through (speculatively)with 14 November.

I wonder where that leaves us? I think it will be at least February, 2008, before we see our referral, probably longer. Travel immediately before, during, or immediately the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing is definitely a possibility.

UPDATE: China Adoption Forecast updated their site today. Our new predicted referral date is 19 February 2008.

UPDATE: CCAA updated their website to reflect 14 November 2005 as the cutoff date.