Friday, July 13, 2007

The Newsome Bums...What day is it?

Just wanted to drop in and post a few pictures of us at the beach. We are having a great time, but are sad that tomorrow is our last full day here.

Yesterday, we played outside for a good bit of the afternoon. We walked down to Toucan's and had Hippie John airbrush tee-shirts for Shelby and Jeremy. Jeremy chose a flaming shark design, and Shelby asked Hippie John to paint a battleship for him. The shirts came out so cute! They are expensive, but it's a great wearable reminder of the week we've had.

Today we went to Happy Ours Kayak Company. Miss Debbie took Shelby, Jeremy, and me out for a few hours of snorkeling. It was the first time we had been snorkeling, and the boys loved it! At first, Shelby and Jeremy were both hesitant to put their faces in the water, but before long they both were swimming like fishes! Shelby found a spider crab, and Jeremy's favorite finds were scallops. My favorite part of this trip (behinds listening to "Look, Mama!!!") was floating on top of the water and looking down at the fish. We ended up snorkeling in about 3 feet of water. Both boys also got the opportunity to practice their boating skills - we went out in a kayak! It was way fun!!

After supper tonight, we pulled up at this CUTE ice cream shoppe called Scoops Up! The boys both chose a "krazy colors" cone. Before we got home, the ice cream was dripping from their chins. I've got to take them back tomorrow so I can get some pictures!

Enjoy these photos!

Jeremy and Shelby both worked on sandcastles tonight!
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Jeremy and Me

A shorebird strolls along the shore, looking for her next meal

Hi Mom and Dad! I'm having a great time!
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