Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beach Bums, Part ?

The Newsome crew had another uneventful day today. We are starting to really let our hair down and unwind. After having muffins for breakfast and doing some chores, we went out and enjoyed the sun. BUT, it was so hot we didn't stay out more than about 2 hours. The kids had a lot of fun on their boogie boards today, catching waves and riding them to shore.

We ate supper at Sunset Coastal Grill , and it was fantastic. David ordered shrimp and grits, the cheese grits were made into a cake and fried. I had Crabbie Patties, they were also delicious!

After supper, we took the kids down to the public pier in Mexico Beach. This is the best plac
e to go just to sit and people-watch. Jeremy found two fishermen to hang out with...they were fishing for sharks and using big pieces of fish as bait. One of the guys was from Valdosta, and it's always neat to meet people who are close to home. I also met
a lady from Texas who has a home here and she was on the pier with her granddaughter.

Shelby enjoyed looking out in the water and spotting many different kinds of jellyfish.
He said today that he wants to be a jellyfish scientist! I wouldn't put it past him.

After spending some time on the pier, me and the boys walked (it's about a mile and a half)
back to the condo, while David drove the van back home. It would have been great if the
boys had not picked up every dead jellyfish they saw to throw them back into the ocean.
Shelby slipped on some shells and skinned up his knee a little bit, and that kind of blew
it for the night walk tonight. You would have thought someone shot him! Anyway, we
still had a good day and it was great to just be with the family.

A little about the pictures:

David hates having his picture made, but when Jeremy got the camera, David really
hammed it up!!!! He would kill me if he knew I published this picture, please don't
tell him! The photo above shows the boys doing bunny ears on David. I was trying
to get one or two serious pictures, but they weren't to be had tonight.

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Jeremy dozed off on the way to supper.

Sunset at the pier.

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prechrswife said...

Looks like y'all are having a great time. (Maybe next summer, you can vacation on the Atlantic side... Hint...HInt... :-) ) Nice to finally "meet" David, too.


Karen said...

Hi Dusty...we are having a blast! Thanks for coming by to visit! David hates having his picture taken, he would kill me if he knew I posted that silly picture of him!


Jen Talley said...

Hi Karen

Looks like you guys are having a blast!!!! And tell David it's nice to now have a face with his name. He looks like a very fun daddy. :)

Diane said...

Hi Karen! Your husband looks like such a fun dad! Days at the beach with your kids are the best, aren't they! You guys look like your having a blast! Just think,next year, Kaelie will be in the pictures with her little bikini and sun hat! You'll have to have some passerby snap a picture! Have fun!

Melissa said...

Glad you are having a nice vacation! My son also has a bit of drama in him when he falls!