Monday, July 23, 2007

Busy, Busy Me!!

It has been a busy few days for me. I've been working in my classroom this past week. I'm so excited about my teaching assignment this year! I'll be teaching math, science, and social studies to two different classes. I'll be partnering with a very good friend of mine, who will be teaching literacy to the same to classes. Soooo.....

I have been totally cleaning out my classroom! It was such a mess. I threw away a bunch of stuff, and I'm giving away a bunch of other stuff. It's been a lot of work, but well worth it. My classroom is going to be so organized this year!

In other news....I went shopping for Shelby's and Jeremy's school supplies today. I cannot believe how much I actually bought. All told, I probably spent about $225, that is including bookbags, paper towels, hand sanitizer, crayons, scissors, etc., etc., etc.! That was buying the on-sale and store brand items as well. For example, Wal-mart had paper for 30 cents a pack.

In Georgia, we are having a sales tax-free weekend in two weeks, but the crowds are so horrible, I decided it was well worth my time and money to go ahead and shop now. It is a madhouse the week before school starts! It was so cute, today I had both the boys push a buggy around Staples, and we walked up and down each aisle putting their things in their carts. Then when we went to the checkout, they each unloaded their items, and carried them to the car. For their fine shopping behavior, Shelby and Jeremy were allowed to choose one small item...Shelby chose a rubber-band ball and Jeremy chose a compass (the kind you can draw circles with). They both really took ownership in the process and I think they are more excited about going back to school.

Rumors are abounding on RQ this week...anywhere from finishing November to not getting past 11/21. Bummer!


Jen Talley said...

These Rumors are about to do me in. I'm really hoping for the finishing November one. I know you are too. I tired of this snail pace. :)

Sophia's Mama said...

Karen it sounds very exciting in your world right now. i always loved the beginning of school and all that goes into preparing for that first day.


Karen said...

Hi and Mike are so close! I can't wait for you all to get Mei's referral. You all must be on edge. Does it feel like you are so close, yet so far away? I agree, I am so sick of the snail pace. I really, REALLY want them to get through November and into December.

Hi Susan - It seems that I'm really busy these days and that helps me keep my mind off the wait. It makes the days go by faster. I love the beginning of school and getting a new class, they always seem like babies and it's neat to watch them grow. It's truly amazing the difference you can make in a child's life! I love it when my former students come up to me, introduce themselves, and let me know how they are doing. It's amazing how many I remember and it's such a joy in knowing how you've influenced their lives. I'm not all about just academics in my class, but letting the kids know that someone cares for them and is interested in their lives. I'll have to snap some pictures of my room and post them so you all can see! :>)))