Monday, July 16, 2007

Puppy Update

Mixer's eight puppies were born three weeks ago today. They were so cute and precious. Two days after their births, Mixers moved the puppies under the cover of darkness out into the woods. I think she did this because it has been so hot and humid, she was trying to find a cool place for them.

Today we know the fate of one of the puppies. Tonight, Mixers brought up the white puppy, the one with the three black spots on his back. Unfortunately, he was dead.

My, how he had grown! He was so big, you could tell Mixers had taken good care of him. Why did she bring his body back up to the house? Did she think we could possibly help? I could tell Mixers was upset that something was wrong with her baby.

Last night, we could all hear Mixers raising cane outside. She was barking ferociously, like she did before she got pregnant, barking at anything that came in the yard. Was she in a life and death battle against a predator trying to get at the puppies? What's happened to the other seven? Perhaps we will never know.

I'm sad tonight. I was really looking forward to watching the puppies grow, I think more than I wanted to admit. Having never given birth, it was neat watching another living creature do the same. It was neat watching Mix mother the pups, she was/is very protective of them.

I'm sad tonight....


NorasMommy said...

Aww, Karen, I'm sad with you. Hopefully the others are well. Mixers sounds like a really good (and protective) mama. I'm sure she'll show them to you when she's ready.


Karen said...

Thanks Jennifer - I hope the rest of the pups are OK! They should have their eyes open by now, and hopefully soon they will follow her out of the woods!