Sunday, July 29, 2007


Well, what another wild week it has been! I have been busy, busy....

Grandmama's yard is finished. She asked me and Lisa to clean out the flowerbeds and lay fresh straw. It took us four mornings, but it is done. It was soooo hot! Grandmama is really happy with the results. And I would do nearly anything to make sure she's happy!

My mom and niece had eye surgery this week. Mom had a cateract removed and replaced with a corrective lens. Now she is lopsided! No, I wish I could have that done. When she has the other one replaced, she will only need reading glasses. I just can't picture my mom without glasses!

Sara had a "lazy eye" which was probably a result of her prematurity. Lisa has tried EVERYTHING: patches, a contact lens, drops, and no telling what else to get it to turn to its correct position. Well, it's in the right place now! I think it looks great and I hope it will help Sara to see better.

I've worked in my classroom this week. It is almost finished. We officiallly start the new school term on Wednesday, August 1. Lisa is going to keep the boys for me Tuesday to finish up. BUT, believe me, I will have plenty to do in the three pre-planning days to keep me busy!

Mixers has been hanging around the house all weekend. So needless to say, I am assuming that the puppies met an untimely demise :<(

Tomorrow Lisa, my teaching partner Susan, and I are all heading to Wild Adventures for a day of roller coasters and water slides! I'm looking forward to the day - between us we will have 8 kids! So it should be an interesting day!