Monday, July 16, 2007

Ebay Update

The items Lisa listed for me on Ebay closed Saturday night. Before the Ebay and Paypal fees, we made $360 for Kaelie's adoption!

Ebay Grand Total So Far: $486 (this is without fees)

All this money will go into our savings account for Kaelie's adoption. Lisa has been so sweet to help me with this. She is definitely not a packrat, and she is a VERY good Ebay seller! Lisa is literally making me go through everything and get rid of all the stuff around here. I went today to Lisa's and we packed up the rest of what was ready to be sent out, and the boys and we took the packages to the Post Office this afternoon.

On another note, I helped Lisa outline a paper that she has to write one of her college classes. We had a blast! Lisa is in the early childhood/special education program at Valdosta State University. She is going to be a wonderful teacher!