Saturday, July 7, 2007

We're off to the beach!

Tomorrow we are headed for Mexico Beach, Florida, for a week of rest and relaxation. We've vacationed in this area for several years's a family tradition! The boys have a great time and always look forward to going. They've both packed an old bookbag full of toys and books.
We will spend lazy days playing in the surf and sand, I have a wonderful book to take with me. I'm taking the boys on a snorkeling trip one day, haven't decided which day yet. We are definitely looking forward to getting away for a few days and regroup.
When we get back from the beach, it will be time to start thinking about going back to school. I will go and work in my classroom a few days...we only have three days of preplanning this year and a half-day will be taken up with Open House. This summer has definitely flown by!


NorasMommy said...

Oh no - it's time to think about going back to school ALREADY? Please tell me that you're going to be at the beach for about 6 weeks, cuz it feels like summer just started!


Karen said...

Oh gosh Jennifer...I wish we would be here for 6 weeks! I have to go back to work on August 1, can you believe it!? I bet you and Rob would love it down's comfortable weather year-round! No snow, ever...well we got about 2 inches about 5 years ago! You and Rob would love the outdoor activities here, come down for a vacation!

Hugs, Karen