Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where have the puppies gone?

Mixers moved the puppies! Yesterday, she had them under my van. I guess it was cooler under there than in the doghouse. Then, she moved them under David's truck, because Shelby flooded the driveway.

Now they are just gone! I know she is taking good care of them, but I'm sad because I wanted to watch them every day. She's bring them back, but probably not until they have their eyes open. I worry about predators, especially when she comes back to the house to feed and Mix doesn't have her eyes on them.

I might have to do some tracking of my own today and try to find them!


Sharon said...

How cute! Girl, I'd be out there tracking Mixer back to her "nest" after she eats. We did that as kids with a stray cat that we kept feeding! We ended up adopting the momma cat by default, so actually, she adopted us!

Keep us posted!


Karen said...

Hey Sharon - we are definitely going to do this! I think when she comes to eat we are going to put her leash on her and maybe she will lead us to them. I miss them so much!

Diane said...

Karen, any luck finding the puppies? Not that I'm worried or anything!(wink,wink) It must be the extreme animal lover in me!
Keep us posted!