Monday, June 25, 2007

We have puppies!

Mixers, our country hound-dog, gave birth this morning to several fiesty and cute puppies. I felt like she was going to have them last night, and I checked on her several times before going to bed. When I got up this morning, I went out and called Mix, but she didn't come. Shelby got up a little later, and went out to check on her. It was so funny, he came screaming in the house, "We have puppies! Mixers had her puppies!" So I went outside and sure enough, there were four little ones. We watched as she delivered two more, then came back inside.

This afternoon, we went out to discover that she had given birth to two more puppies, but sadly, one didn't make it.

There are six mostly black ones and a white one with three spots in a row down his back.

Mixers is a good mama. I picked up one puppy to look at it. She gently licked it then ever so tenderly grasped it with her mouth and took it from me. She has let them nurse. The seven little ones all seem to be doing well, and Mix seems to be very satisfied as a new mom.

Mix is a beagle/basset mix, and she mated with a stray (a medium sized dog that looked to be part Lab - these pups ought to be some combination!!!) that wandered up in the yard. We put off having her spayed because we figured, wrongly, that since she's been with us for two years now that she was probably already spayed. After she's weaned these puppies, she will be taking a trip to the vet!

UPDATE: There are now eight living puppies!

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NorasMommy said...

Congratulations! What a great experience for your boys - Rob still talks about the puppies that their dog had when he was growing up.

The babies must be so cute! Please post more pictures when Mixers lets you get a better look at them!


Karen said...

Hi Jennifer - thanks a lot for visiting! The puppies are sooo cute...I can't wait until Mix will let us handle them a little more. She got up this afternoon to "do her business" (she refuses to go near the house!) and later she left them long enough to inhale two cans of dog food. I'm glad they're all doing so well.

Hope you don't mind...I'm going to link your blog to mine tonight or tomorrow!

Cheri said...

Karen, the puppies are ADORABLE!!! There's nothing like holding a puppy or a kitten to put a smile on your face!!! :)

Karen said...

Hey Cheri - you are so right! Those babies are so perfect, and Mixers is such a good mama! They are so soft and gentle and sweet!

Sophia's Mama said...

Awwww Karen they are so sweet. I love the smell of a puppies face. Puppy kisses are the best....

Susan R