Friday, June 22, 2007

Crowder Peas and VBS

My friend Julie called me Tuesday afternoon and asked me if I wanted some peas. I said sure, so I went over to her house and she gave me probably 2, maybe closer to 3, bushels of brown crowder peas with some purple hulls mixed in. I shelled a big dishpan full, and put them up in the freezer yesterday morning. Boy, they sure are going to be good seasoned with some ham or bacon. I think I'm going to fix a ham for supper one day next week.

When I was a kid, we put up peas every year. I remember sitting in the floor and having to help shell. Butterbeans were the worst!

Do you like peas? Have you ever put up any fresh ones in the freezer? It's not so hard, just time-consuming....a good thing when you are waiting like crazy!


Tonight is our last night of VBS. It has gone very very well - I think the kids have had a great time. I've enjoyed getting to know my partner teacher. I never thought she would have the sense of humor that she does! We've all laughed and learned the truth about Jesus together this week!