Friday, June 8, 2007

Day Camp


That is all I can possibly say after a whirlwind week at Cub Scout Day Camp. I served as Den Leader to....I guess it was about 10 boys in a Wolf Den (rising first graders). We had a blast! The Wolves (and a couple of Tigers in the mix) earned their belt loops for swimming and culture. Most of the guys in my den earned their Safe Shooting Patch for BB's. They had to shoot a score of 35 on a paper target posted 15 feet away. Many of the boys had never canoed, or shot a bb gun, or a bow and arrow...all the boys matured during the week and made new friends.

I think this was Shelby's favorite day camp so far. He made a new friend from a neighboring pack. The pack was organized to help keep the Webelos separated from the "younger guys" as much as possible, and I think that Shelby enjoyed being with the older kids. The Webelos earned their Naturalist and Scientist activity badges during the week.

Now, all I have to do is rest and try to recover from hiking all over camp for a whole week in the heat and humidity!


Sophia's Mama said...

Karen, The music worked and I am now in tears. To where you are is the song we played at my dad's memorial service. I love it but it makes me cry every time I hear it. It made me think of him again today on fathers day.

Love Susan R

Karen said...

Hey Susan...

:<( Sorry!! I worked on the music half the night last night and I cried like a baby! I've been so blue lately.

I hope you were also able to remember the wonderful times you had with your dad, not just the sad ones. I had a father and a stepfather, but never a suffice to say that Father's Day doesn't bring good, warm and fuzzy memories! We tried to make the day special for David, though!