Monday, September 1, 2008

Referrals and Predictions

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to update that Rumor Queen is reporting that the CCAA has issued referrals through February 9, 2006. This is terrific they are only 8 days away from our LID. That being said, I think that I can honestly say that we will receive our referral the first week in November, with mid-December travel. WHAT AN AMAZING CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!!

Here are my predictions, based on an average of the number of days CCAA has matched (over 13 batches, that would be 6 days) and number of poll families (from RQ, 86 poll families across the last 7 batches):

October - LID's through February 16, 2006 (congratulations Rhonda and Lori!)
November - LID's through February 22, 2006 (that would be US!!!!!!)
December - LID's through February 28, 2006
January, 2009 - LID's through March 6, 2006

It would be awesome to get an October referral, but the numbers just don't lend themselves to it. I just can't get my hopes up. Anyway, a November referral and December travel would be great, it would give me a couple more weeks off at the end of January with Kaelie!


Alyson & Ford said...

It is very exciting to finally see February 2006 referrals start coming. I know you will be on pins and needles each month until yours arrives. Congrats - you are getting close!

LID 01/27/06
DOR 08/12/08

hiltonsheadeast said...

Oh, I hope your predictions are right. I would love to get referral next month. I wish all he Feb people would get referral next month. :) Glad to see you blogging again !

LID: Feb 16 2006

We're almost there, KK!!

prechrswife said...

That was the first thing I thought when I saw RQ was, "Karen's referral will likely be here before the end of the year!" That is so exciting! :-)

Jen Talley said...

Hi Karen,
I thought of you guys when I saw the 9th. SO excited!!!!! She will be so worth this wait.!!!!

Tonya said...

wow the light at the end of the tunnel.. Yea !!!!!!!!!!!!