Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Very Bad Rumor

Hi Everyone:

Rumor Queen posted today that a European agency is speculating that this batch will be extremely small because of the tainted formula crisis. They report that the CCAA wants to get updates on the children before sending out the referrals. She has this rated as an R2.

I'm upset about the whole formula business in China. Basically, what's happened is that the formula manufacturers added a plastic additive called melamine to infant formula. Melamine is high in nitrogen and therefore mimics protein in scientific tests. Therefore, the infant formula LOOKS like it is high in protein when in fact it is not. In lab testing, animals that ingested melamine developed kidney stones, renal failure, and infertility. There is not much out there as far as human ingestion is concerned. Melamine is the chemical that caused so many problems with the pet food last year.

I'm going to cross this bridge when I get to it. There's nothing to do at this point except pray. Kaelie is safe and sound in the hands of God and her caretakers and at this point I just have to trust that she is OK. I hope that she hasn't been given any of the tainted formula, but she probably has. In fact, CNN reported the other day on "American Morning" that this could go back as far as 2005. If we don't get our referral this month, then hopefully still next month. I'm trying not to stress out too much! There still isn't anything about a cutoff. Please pray that we are in this batch!