Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Well, today is the day...on February 17, 2006, our dossier was officially registered with the China Center for Adoption Affairs. We've waited ever since.



Renewed paperwork.

And waited some more.

Prepared a nursery.

Shopped. And stopped.

Involuntarily changed agencies.

And waited some more.

And it is hard. I never believed the month or two prior to getting our referral would be the hardest. Are we next? Or aren't we? What will our little Kaelie look like? Where is she now...Hunan, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Guangdong? Is she warm? Fed...or hungry? Sick or well? How old is she? How big is Kaelie? 9, 12, 18 month clothing? How long has she been waiting for us?

A million and one questions keep going through my mind.

What will referral day be like? Where will I be? Will I cry? Will I remember Stephe's call sheet? How will we celebrate?

When will I travel (DH is staying home with the boys)? Over Thanksgiving, Christmas? What will China be like? Will I leave a part of my heart there like I did in Russia?

To my sweet, precious daughter-to-be: Know this, that God and I love you very much and I'm looking forward to the day we meet and become a forever family.

Love, Mama


Billy and Maggie said... echo my exact sentiment. Only someone in our shoes can totally understand.

Fingers crossed for October referral!

Linda said...

prayers sent your way for a quick referral...Donna is also on pins and needles waiting. She has decided it will be in Nov, so if Oct it will be a major blessing.. Hurry, Hurry Hurray..We need those babies... Linda

prechrswife said...

Such a sweet post! I hope you get your happy news very soon--you've been waiting way too long.