Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long Time, No Blog!

Hi Everyone!

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long! No, I didn't fall off the blogging earth, just been very busy with life right now. School's started back, and between getting both myself and the boys back into a routine, it's been really hectic around here.

Things on the adoption front have been really interesting too. I really can't say too much, but our adoption agency has closed, and our file has been transferred to another agency, and more $$$$ has had to change hands (from ours to theirs!). I've been really angry and frustrated at the whole situation. David and I even (briefly!) talked about pulling out of the adoption altogether, but it wasn't really one of our options. Thankfully, our adoption can continue and we aren't being screwed quite as much as other families in different programs at the agency. Let's just say that we're stilled logged in at CCAA and we will one day get to see our Kaelie.

Other things that have happened in the last few weeks:

1. My wonderful grandmother, at 86, had a hip replacement surgery at the beginning of August. She is beginning to get better. She's the kind of person that is going to push herself (well, most of the time!) and I think she's making great progress. She's having home therapy right now and it won't be long before she's going to our out-patient facility in our town. She had a scare with her heart while she was in the hospital, it was a major setback, but now that is all cleared up.

2. My sister Lisa has begun her teaching career! I think she's having a great time teaching her first-grade students. Sara's lost two of her baby molars this past week, she is so excited about that!

3. My brother-in-law (Lisa's husband) will be having a double-bypass surgery in his legs in the coming weeks. He's a diabetic smoker, with an amputation of his left leg. Hopefully he will soon realize that he is slowly killing himself bit by bit. Lisa is really having a difficult time with this right now.

In adoption news, referrals came out in mid-August for LID's through January 31st, 2006. So with the next batch we will see February 2006 referrals. It's really looking like November for us, with December travel. I'm going to be really upset to travel over Christmas, I don't want to miss Santa coming! Time will tell, though, nothing is written in stone, but I'm not looking for any big batches anytime soon.

Again, sorry it's been so long!


prechrswife said...

Glad to see you blogging again! I'm sorry to hear about your agency--that just stinks, but it sounds like you're getting everything on track the way it needs to be. Hope your school year has started well!

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