Friday, July 18, 2008

You know what they say about all good things!

Well, our family vacation is coming to an end. The last two days have been absolutely spectacular!

Yesterday David and I took the boys over to Bowman's Beach on Sanibel Island. What a beautiful place! The water looked only as it does in pictures: a beautiful blue-green, crystal clear. The beach had a lot of families, but it was absolutely pristine. The boys had a great time in the surf and sand. Unfortunately for me, even though I slathered myself with Coppertone, I got sunburned. UGH! I avoid sunburn like the plague! Oh, well...

After our trip to Bowman's Beach, we took a sunset dolphin cruise. It was so nice, the weather was calm, and finally, on our way back to the marina, we saw a group of three dolphins. It was a beautiful night.

This afternoon, after nursing my sunburn for most of the day, the boys and I walked down to the beach. It was another beautiful sunset, we saw a small sting ray swimming among literally hundreds of sand dollars. We found dozens of tiny shells, inhabited with tiny hermit crabs. It was funny because every time Jeremy picked one up, he squealed and giggled. Shelby, being more subdued, studied the underside of the sand dollars and counted the tiny crabs that hitched a ride on them.

We ate a wonderful dinner after our walk at Matanzas Inn. Delicious and I would highly recommend this restaurant!


Tonya said...

wow great pics.. Glad yall had fun. Hope your burn feels better.

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