Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Referral Rumors and New Predictions

Hi Everyone!

Well, thank goodness that I've gotten really good at guarding my heart! No, only kidding...this wait really sucks. While I was hoping against hope that the CCAA would issue referrals through January 27, 2006, the newest rumor is that the cutoff will be January 25, 2006. A friend got this information from her agency. I feel that it is pretty accurate.

5 calendar days, two of those days were weekend days, so actually only 3 calendar days. I guess we are 5 days closer, but this is a VERY SMALL batch. It figures, with the Olympics so close and all. I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

My new referral predictions still have us with an October referral. I'm glad of that...I was just hoping that we could somehow get moved up to hopefully a September referral. Here's what I think might happen for August, based on an average number of 100 poll families (RQ) and average number of days (6, per China Adoption Forecast):

August Referrals: Through February 7, 2006
September Referrals: Through February 14, 2006
October Referrals: Through February 21, 2006
November Referrals: Through February 27, 2006
December Referrals: Through March 5, 2006
January (2009) Referrals: Through March 11, 2006

China Adoption Forecast and Wren's Referral Calculator haven't updated their sites yet. I'll post their thoughts when they get their new info out.
(Scene above is from Mexico Beach, 2007)