Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March Referrals!

Hi Everyone!

I'm happy to report that the CCAA has completed referrals for all 2005 families and has begun January, 2006 referrals! Yeehoo! Referrals were issued through January 4, 2006. We have 44 more calendar days until our 2/17/06 LID.

So, with a new batch comes my own new referral predictions! This time, I averaged the the number of days (6.38) for the last 13 batches and also considered the number of RQ poll families.
Here are my best guesses:

April Referrals - Through January 10
May Referrals - Through January 15
June Referrals - Through January 22
July Referrals - Through January 27
August Referrals - Through February 9 (accounting for Chinese New Year)
September Referrals - Through February 17

So, I am currently planning on an early September referral with travel in mid- to late November.

China Adoption Forecast has us also receiving our referral this year.

It was so exciting to see my Precious Pandas buddies receiving their referrals! This is my January DTC yahoo group - I couldn't make through this wait without them!


Alyson & Ford said...

We are LID 01/27/06 and are hoping for July. Some **people** are saying it could still be June! But, with the long wait I know to expect the worst. August will be fine with us if July ends on the 26th - then we can truly say "We are next!".