Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baby Carriers

I've been thinking about baby carriers lately. I bought one at Target a few weeks ago, but I'm not so sure that I'm going to like it. It is very similar to a Snugli and we didn't have a good experience with the Snugli when we adopted the boys. It was pretty much useless.

Since David won't be traveling with me to China, I'm really thinking that a comfortable baby carrier is going to be essential on the trip to adopt Kaelie. Even though I've considered luggage and done a lot of preliminary planning (luggage, what to pack, etc.), getting through airports with a checked bag, carry-on, and diaper bag is going to be a challenge!
I've looked at two really nice carriers and I'd love to hear about your experiences with either the Hotsling or the Mei Hip carrier.

Here's a picture of the Mei Hip carrier. It has the traditional buckles like a Snugli, but it isn't designed with all those straps.

Price: $84

Here is the Hotsling carrier. It is a one-piece carrier with no buckles or straps.

Price: $48

Sizing is very important with this sling. If you get it too small, the baby's legs will be squished; too big and the baby is floppy in the carrier. It's sized according to the mom's measurement from shoulder to hip.

Having read the wearing instructions for both carriers, both look safe and easy to put on and get your child into it. Safety is, of course, the top priority when it comes to anything dealing with your baby. Both carriers seem like they would be light to pack and not take up alot of room. Both carriers come in a variety of colors!
I would like to invite you to post comments to this post in the comments section. I want to hear from you before I invest this much money in a baby product. What do you think?


Diane said...

Hi Karen, I was at Target tonight looking at baby carriers and they have the Hotsling. It looks really comfy, but not sure how it is on the back! I am torn between the Beco,or the Hotsling, so I might just buy both!

Karen said...

Hi Diane!

I bought one at Target too, but it is more like a Snugli, and with all the straps and buckles, I really want to stay away from something like that. I might take it back, or take it to China with one of the other ones (Hotsling or Mei Hip).

Miss you! I can't wait to meet Kaelin in person at a Panda gathering!

Diane said...

OMG, Karen! I love your new blog look! At first I thought I was on someone else's blog! Very Cute!
I miss you too! The day of our Panda gathering with our babies will go down in history!

Mike and Rhonda said...


My friend Lisa has the Mei Tai carriers without the buckles and LOVES it. It has asian origin and she just swears by it. I saw it first hand and baby Emma went straight to sleep facing mom. She admitted to being a little difficult to put on by yourself at first but, she and Emma love it. I have heard alot of negative things about Hotsling and those like it. Here is a site I will probably order from Luck.

prechrswife said...

I'm no help with this one. We had a Snugli, which we used constantly with Mary Joyce in China and after we got home, and we're still using it with Katherine. I can see where it would be difficult if you are traveling alone, though, as all of the straps and stuff get a bit confusing.

Andie said...

I just found your blog...I hope you don't mind if I give my 2 cents on this topic. I love slings, but have never tried the hotslings. I have only used a ring sling, which is completely adjustable. Both mom and dad (if your hubby is into the baby-wearing thing) can use the same sling. You can find them many places on the web, from very inexpensive to outrageously expensive. When I was pg with my third, I taught myself how to make them. I have taken them to a few craft fairs, but don't do that anymore.
It takes about 2 1/2 yards of fabric (cotton works best), so you can have any design you want. Since they are just fabric and a couple of rings, they don't take up much space in packing...and are very safe and easy to use after one or two tries. If you are interested, email me and I'd be happy to make you one (cost of fabric plus $15 for shipping and other materials). I'd love to be able to say that one of MY slings went to China!