Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The List

OK, now that I have 30 +/- a few days before Kaelie's referral, I have been thinking about everything that needs to get done before referral and travel. Here's a sampling of what needs doing:

1. Spring/Fall Cleaning ~ every room needs to be freshened up! Ugh! I hate housework! Especially the deep-cleaning stuff!

2. EBay Stuff ~ Photograph and list, have a huge sale!

3. Finish my closet ~ build one more shelf, paint

4. Finish attic ladder ~ add decorative trim, paint

5. Purchase car seat, stroller, high chair, baby monitor, area rug for nursery

6. Christmas ~ have all decorations up before Thanksgiving

7. Design referral announcements

8. Get carpet steam cleaned

9. Pack ~ I've got to get with my mom about what she might be able to carry in her suitcase

10. Christmas shopping ~ wrapping, etc. Need to be finished by Thanksgiving

11. Baby-proof house

12. Wash all baby clothes and put away

13. Lesson plans ~ Start preparing lessons for my students while I am on maternity leave (last two weeks of December, all of January, through mid-February (so I will have a couple of weeks prepared for when I come back).

Hummmm.....I know I could add a dozen more things to this list!!! OK, but I won't right now. Maybe when I get these done! I guess I could do all the housework chores this month, then focus on Christmas and travel after we get our referral.

OK, I'm exhausted now!


Alyson & Ford said...

What a huge list!! I hope you can get them all done! We had trouble just packing for the trip and doing the final post-referral paperwork.
Try to enjoy this time; you'll be in another world in 30 days!

Mommy to Alyzabeth An
Back from China 09/27/08!

prechrswife said...

That's a big list, but it can be done. :-)

hiltonsheadeast said...

Ahhhhhhh!! I need to make a list! I won't be caught out like I almost was last referral date. Thanks, KK and good luck with your list.


Sophia's Mama said...

Don't worry you will get it all done in time. You are NEXT doesn't that feel good....