Monday, October 20, 2008

I've Been Tagged

OK, here's something fun to do since I'm in a cold-driven stupor! I guess I caught this bug being out so early Saturday morning in the cool drizzle at the Peanut Festival. Susan R. tagged me, so now I'm passing this along!

First: 7 Weird Things About Me

This is hard because I'm like this very, VERY normal person. But I will try:

1. The strangest foods I've ever eaten are a) fried alligator (in New Orleans) and b) ostrich (very yummy...David took me out for our anniversary to a fancy-schmancy restaurant!).

2. I love to eat marshmallows, the little ones.

3. I love country music, not that you could call that strange or anything, but we named our first child after Reba's son! (and a movie too, Steel Magnolias)

4. My favorite TV shows are medicals like Trauma: Life in the ER on Discovery Health.

5. For some reason, it seems like my life is consumed with all things China these days! What's up with that? HUMMMM......must have something to do with a little kid that I've not met yet but am totally smitten with anyway!

6. I'd rather fold clothes than hang them! Which do you prefer? What a thing to think about, huh!?

7. I like ketchup on almost everything, but not french fries. I hate eating fresh tomatoes. I love orange juice but can't bite into an orange.

NOW, I've got to tag 7 people! Here goes:

1. Sharon Sharon and I first met when she knocked on our hotel room door. No nothing kinky...we were in Savannah together for a reunion of internet buddies all connected to each other through China adoption. Sharon has such a great personality! From yardwork to sodding to household repairs to dressing up for the red carpet, Sharon will try anything once! Her daughter MaryAlice is a dream...spunky and full of life!

2. Jen Jen has a remarkable family! After having three bio kids, they were led to pursue a China adoption. Their two sons and two daughters are absolutely some of the best kids you will ever meet! Their youngest, Mei, has the sweetest butterfly kisses! I know because I stole one or two at a recent get-together!

3. Alyson Alyson and her hubby have the most amazing daughter Alyzabeth An! They just returned from China only a few weeks ago! Alyson is like a cheerleader on our DTC group, and she and her husband have the most amazing blog! I just wish I could blog like that!

4. Dusty Dusty and her hubby Chet have the most amazing story. After years of infertility, Dusty and Chet pursued a China adoption and were so blessed with a precious daughter Mary Joyce! She is the spunkiest thing! She is growing up way too fast too! Now Chet and Dusty have been blessed with their first bio daughter Katherine and are expecting their third child next year! Dusty is a woman of strong faith, the kind of person that I long to be one day! Dusty is another in-person friend...we met through APC years ago and had our first get-together over three years ago!

5. Tonya Tonya is a woman of faith is visits here often and posts the most amazing words of encouragement! Tonya and her hubby are waiting for TA for their special needs child from China. It would be amazing if we were in China together.

6. Evelyn I must tell you that Evelyn is the sweetest, most gentle soul you would ever want to meet. But, let me tell you that Mama Bear has been known to come out every once and a while! Evelyn and I are going to be travel buddies and I can't wait to share this most amazing experience with her and her sweet hubby Jesus! I'm keeping my fingers crossed Eve!

7. Rhonda Rhonda and her sweetie Mike have been through the referral wringer this month! But thankfully there was a rainbow after their storm and they have the most beautiful baby girl Hannah. Theirs is another amazing story of faith and trust. I can't wait to see Hannah in their arms because she is already wrapped around their hearts.


Tonya said...

That was kind of fun Nicole.. I'm done.

Alyson & Ford said...

Thanks! I will think about it... we are on the road right now visiting family so will start compiling my list.

Mommy to 25 month old Alyzabeth An for 5 weeks (too confusing?)

prechrswife said...

We just got back to town last night, and today has been "catch-up" day, plus a headache, so I will get this done tomorrow. :-)