Sunday, June 8, 2008

Referrals and Predictions

Hi Everyone!

I was able to celebrate a HUGE batch of referrals with my Panda sister Lori this month. The boys and I took a mini-break down to Orlando and stayed in Lakeland with my wonderful friends. We all had a great time. I'll post some pictures later!

The great news is that the CCAA processed 10 calendar days of referrals this month! That is awesome and it has been over a year since they processed LID's in the double digits. It's certainly worth celebrating. LID's through 22 January 2006 were matched this month! Many of my Pandas will receive their precious childrens' referrals this month. CONGRATULATIONS!

Now, where does that live my little brood? Here is what I've calculated for the next few batches:

July Referrals: Through 1/27/06
August Referrals: Through 2/9/06
September Referrals: Through 2/16/06
October Referrals: Through 2/20/06

Right now, both China Adoption Forecast and Wren's Referral Calculator have our family receiving Kaelie's referral in October. That is wonderful news, given that if we get our referral in October, I will be able to travel before the end of the year. YIPPEE!