Thursday, June 12, 2008

Referrals and Rumors

Hi Everyone!

Well, just to give you all an update: The CCAA's official cut-off was January 20, 2006 (instead of the 22nd). It's rather strange, though, because the January 21st and 22nd were weekend days. We are speculating that, while the CCAA occasionally works on the weekends (especially around holidays) that there aren't many LID's on those two days.

My agency did not receive any referrals in this batch because they didn't have any LID's.

A very, very early first rumor on RQ says that "one agency says that the CCAA says next month will also have a lot of days in it." It's really hard to know if that is true...I'm not putting much stock into it at this point, but it would be great if it panned out!

Finally, I re-did my predictions. The new poll results got posted on RQ after her fiasco with her hosting company. Here's what I think based on number of poll families and average number of days:

July Referrals: Through January 27, 2006
August Referrals: Through February 10, 2006
September Referrals: Through February 16, 2006
October Referrals: Through February 25, 2006
November Referrals: Through March 3, 2006
December Referrals: Through March 8, 2006

Given what China Adoption Forecast and Wren's Referral Calculator are saying, I'm really leaning toward an October referral. I want to be excited about a possible September referral, but I just need to protect my heart right now. October is a long way away (well, September too!) and I have a lot to do to keep busy during this time. It's finally getting close though!

In other news, my sister and her family are away at the beach and I'm missing them like crazy! I know they are having a blast!


Wendy said...

I was surfing around the China adoption blogs and found your blog and wanted to say hi! I wanted to send some encouragement your way with the wait. :o)

Andrea Nielsen said...

I pray your wait goes quickly. I also was an AHH family (waiting child) and have been home about a year. pLease know that the wait is a killer (and mine wasn't nearly as long as yours) but once you hold that daughter in your arms, it will all be worth it. You are in my thoughts.

Tonya said...

Hang in there girl. Your so very close.

Alyson & Ford said...

You are very close! we hope the referrals do cover many days into February 2006 in July! What a wait!

Alyson LID 01/27/06