Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Referral Update

Hi Everyone!

It's been reported on RQ that matching has begun. It's rumored that January 12th is in, but it's not sure if January 12th is the cutoff.

According to RQ's polls, January 12th is a heavy day in terms of how many families are logged in. But, when there was a teeny batch back in December, and the next month they came out with a really big batch. So, there's always hope! I'm predicting the CCAA to get through January 14th.

In other news, some agencies are reporting that there will be no travel approvals for August 8-24, 2008 (during the Olympics). I think we won't know until the Olympics get here what is going to happen to referrals and travel in August. It could delay us by a month, which might put us traveling in early 2009! Ugh! I just want my baby already!

I have some internet buddies that are LID 1/10/06 and I am so happy for them. You can see the links to the right to see some family's blogs who are expecting the stork to arrive this month!