Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nursery Photos, Part 2!

Here a couple more pictures of Kaelie's nursery...

This storage bench came from Lowe's. It was very easy to put together and cost $60. I plan on buying some Pottery Barn baskets (if I can find some the right size) to put in the empty spaces.

Here is the dresser! Though not a "perfect" job, I think it came out nicely. The drawer pulls came yesterday, and I'll add them this weekend. I was a fun project.

Now, here is what I'm planning on doing to the walls:

1. Good wishes quilt: I'm going to display it on a quilt rack above the storage bench.

2. Ladybug art: I am going to order a ladybug print from www. and have it mounted on canvas. I'm going to hang it on the left side of the window behind the crib. Thinking about safety...there is a space between the wall and the crib.

3. I want to custom order the "Red Thread Proverb" from and mount it on the storage bench wall above the quilt.

4. A mirror will be hung above the left side of the dresser, and I will get a few little prints or maybe add some gallery frames above the changing pad.

SOOOOO, the main things are done and I can simply add to the nursery as we continue to wait and wait for Kaelie's referral.

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Diane said...

Bravo! The dresser turned out fabulous! The ladybug knobs are going to be so perfect, too! Did you get the same ones I put on Kaelin's dresser? I just love them, they are toooo cute! You will have to take a picture of Kaelie in her crib! She will be the "finishing touch" to such a beautiful room!

Tonya said...

What an exiciting time for you. It's like your finaly pregnant and your almost at your due date. Have fun with it.

Melissa said...

WOW! The dresser looks awesome!! I LOVE it!

prechrswife said...

Karen, you have done a wonderful job with Kaelie's room! :-) It looks great!