Sunday, February 17, 2008

LID Anniversary

Hi Everyone!

Well, today is the day I never expected would come - our 2-year LID anniversary. When David and I were first logged in on February 17, 2006, we thought we would travel and have Kaelie home by the end of the year (2006). Then came 2007 and the realization that the China program was definitely slowing down with no speed-up in sight. And now, 2008 is here with the expectant hope that this will be our year. Will it? When-before the Olympics or after? Fall?Christmas?

How have I spent this day? Slept in, really not wanting to face the day. Paid bills. UGH, what fun!

How long have we waited?

24 months.
730 days.
17,520 hours.
1,051,200 minutes.
630,072,000 seconds.

SIGH! I'm tired of waiting....:<(


Diane said...

Karen, This wait will end and you will have your daughter, as we all will! Keep getting up and facing the day and she will be here before you know it! Hang in there! We are almost there!

Alyson & Ford said...

We are thinking that our "referral" month will be May or sooner. Who knows what China will do once into 2006! Hang in there. I love reading the Precious Panda's Yahoo group.

Happy, Happy LID Anniversary!
LID 01/27/06

Karen said...

Hi Alyson and Diane!

Thanks for your encouragement. David told me the same thing, that we were two years closer and to keep my chin up that it would happen this year! Our 171 expires in December, fingerprints in September, it would be great not to have to do those things again!

Panda hugs,

prechrswife said...

Karen--The day will come one of these days. The waiting is awful, though, and Kaelie will be the perfect fit for your family. (((((Hugs))))) and prayers from Florida.


Jen Talley said...

Bless your heart, Karen. I'm praying for you. I can't wait to see your sweet girls face!!!! Keep your chin up.:)