Sunday, April 8, 2007

Spring Break

We had spring break this past week. We actually got to start a day early. Jeremy had strep throat and had to miss the Friday that school got out.

I took the boys to Wild Adventures on Wednesday. We went to the water park first. Boy, the water was cold, but the boys had a good time. They splashed in the wave pool for quite a while, then we were going to try the Double Dip. I measured Jeremy at the bottom of the slide, and he was right on the line as far as the height limit was concerned. When we got to the top, though, the lifeguard wouldn't let Jeremy go down, he was like a half-inch too short!

Easter was fun. We spent Saturday afternoon at my mom's. Shelby and Jeremy, along with my nieces Sara and Steffany hunted eggs, we had breakfast casserole and fruit for brunch.

Sunday we went to church. The boys were so handsome in their new slacks, white button-down shirts, and ties. They are so precious! We had lunch at my mother-in-law's, then we watched the movie "Facing the Giants" and then took a nap. I colored eggs with the boys, then David and I hid them in Annette's back yard. They found the eggs too quickly...Jeremy cried that he didn't find the last one!