Saturday, April 21, 2007

A is for....

I borrowed this from a friend on my DTC Yahoo Group (Thanks, Susan!). Copy and paste this to your blog if you'd like!

A is for age: 36, but turn 37 in 9 days (May 1)

B is for Beer: Don't touch the stuff! But, a fruity daquiri would be wonderful

C is for Career: teacher

D is for my Dog's Name: Mixers, a beagle/basset mix

E is for Essential Item I Use Everyday: deodorant!

F is for Favorite T.V. Show: MASH

G is for Favorite Game: The Game of Life

H is for Hometown: Albany, GA

I is for Instruments I Play: Does a computer keyboard count???

J is for Favorite Juice: orange

K is for Whose Butt I’d Like To Kick: No one comes to mind at the moment, but I could if I wanted to (see S)

L is for the Last Place I Ate: Domino's Pizza

M is for Marriage: To David, for 17 years, 5 months, 11 days, and 3 hours

N is for my Name: Karen

O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: 1. When I was a kid, I had my tonsils out. 2. I had a horrible kidney infection. 3. Earlier this year, I had my bladder tacked.

P is for People I was With Today: My friends from Taekwondo, we worked on painting our new school; with my kids; with more Taekwondo friends, at a birthday party; with my sister and nieces, to help Lisa with her research paper

Q is for Quote: "You can't be happy with anyone else until you're happy with yourself"

R is for Biggest Regret: Hummmm, I'll get back to you on this one

S is for Sport: Taekwondo

T is for Time I Woke Up Today: 6:30 am

U is for Current Underwear: peach-colored Hanes briefs

V is for Vegetable You Love: broccoli

W is for Worst Habit: biting my fingernails

X is for X-rays I Have Had: I had a chest X-ray when I had a chronic case of bronchitis

Y is for Yummy Food You Ate Today: pizza, birthday cake

Z is for Zodiac: Taurus