Sunday, August 26, 2007

Qualities of a Great Mom!

This was posted on my DTC Yahoo! Group. I lifted it (Thanks for sharing, Susan!) to share with you all. Enjoy!

She loves her child with all her heart.

She is patient.

She apoligizes when she's made a mistake.

She gives great hugs and makes the boo-boos feel better.

She lets her child sit on her lap and reads the same story over and
over and over again....

Even if it's the 1000th time she's read "Good
Night Moon."

She wears jewelry made from colored macaroni with pride.

She stands at the door and watches her little one's chest rise and
fall in sleep and wonder's for the zillionth time, "How did I get so

She's usually the first thing her child sees in the morning and the
last one to give her a kiss at night.

She's a cheerleader, nurse, psychologist, teacher, chef, launderer,
accountant, cleaning lady, etc.

A good Mom will hold her little one's hair back while she retches for
the 14th time that night and then places a cool wash cloth on her
neck, kisses her, and tells her it's going to be okay (even though
the bathroom smells awful).

She's the disciplinarian, because even though her heart's desire is
to give her child anything and everything she could ever want, she
knows that's not healthy.

She wants what is best for her little one.

She is willing to sacrifice a great deal for her child, though her
child will never realize what those sacrifices were.

She is warmth and comfort in what can sometimes be a scary world.
Her arms protect and can heal heartaches.

She is the keeper of her child's story. And if her child was
adopted, she lovingly tells that story (even the hard parts) in age
appropriate ways so that her child may grow and come to an
understanding about her history and how she came to be part of her
forever family.

A good Mom loves her child fiercely and in ways she did not realize
were humanly possible before that child came into her life.