Sunday, May 6, 2007

This and That....

There have been a lot of comings and goings lately! Let me fill you in:

April 28: The boys and I, along with my mom, competed in the Savannah Regional ATA Tournament. We all had a terrific time, and everyone came home with trophies! Here's the rundown:

Jeremy: Tiny Tigers - first place in sparring, weapons
Shelby: 10 and under - Green Belt - fourth place - forms, weapons
Karen: 30-39 color belt - third place - sparring, weapons
Mary: 50-59 color belt - first place - forms, sparring

Everyone was so excited. It was a great tourney, wonderful competition and friendly atmosphere!

May1-2: CCAA issued referrals for families who were registered through November 1, 2005. Glad that we are into November! We have three and a half months of LID's to get through until our LID. Right now, we are thinking we might get our referral near the end of the year.

May 5-6: Our school participated in our community's Relay for Life event. I was proud of our school, we raised about $5600 for the American Cancer Society. Our team won first place for Team Spirit and second place for the Team Dance contest. It was alot of fun and we stayed up so late, but it was for a great cause!!!!